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Providing Fraud Training and Awareness to Colorado



What is insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is a crime in Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain states. A person commits insurance fraud by intentionally lying and misleading an insurance company to receive payment for a claim, or in order to acquire an insurance policy.

What we do... train, network, educate

The RMASIU carries out the IASIU mission (locally) by providing our members and anti-fraud partners with the training and networking advantages they need to fight insurance fraud. The RMASIU also educates the public about insurance fraud, its negative consequences to society, and how to recognize, prevent and report it.

Who we are

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units (RMASIU) is an organization comprised of special investigators, law enforcement personnel and support service providers committed to the detection, investigation, prevention & prosecution of insurance fraud. 

Our mission is to promote a coordinated effort within the insurance industry to combat insurance fraud as well as develop and promote a greater awareness of the problem of insurance fraud. We accomplish this mission by providing monthly networking opportunities accompanied by training presentations as well as an annual seminar in Denver, Colorado for our Chapter members and the Insurance Industry at large. Our training programs are designed to assist our membership, law enforcement and interested members of the community in detecting, deterring and preventing insurance fraud. We also work to facilitate coordination and cooperation with law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in the investigation and prosecution of insurance fraud crimes. 

Our membership comprises of Regular members, Associate members, and Supporting Partners.

Regular Members include insurance fraud investigators employed by insurance companies and self-insured corporations. All engaged in anti-fraud activities in conformance with the goals and objectives of the Association, as well as special agents of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). 

Associate members include local, state, and federal law enforcement involved in the investigation and prosecution of insurance fraud-crime. Including investigators with the Attorney General's Office- Financial Fraud Crime Unit and the State Division of Insurance.

Supporting Partners include any other individuals involved in, or providing special expertise or services for the investigation of insurance fraud. 

The RMASIU's parent organization, the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU), was founded in 1984 by a small group of insurance industry fraud investigators.


President:  Michael Whittaker
Vice President:  Christine Bolin
Secretary:   Barb Mazur
Treasurer:   Yuliya Arushanova
Membership:   Marianne Kucynski
Association Counsel:   Wendy Walberg
Training:   Eric Conley

Board Member:   Martha Mesch
Board Member:   Susan Simons
Board Member:   Chris Tyus
Board Member:   Kevin Hall

At Large Members:
Sharon Holdcroft 
Kim Johnson
Kerry Heckman (non-voting)
Ian Kildow (non-voting)

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